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When I got Max he wasint show material. I had to work hard, not only training him, but myself.When we went to our first show, we did great! Since then I have recorded some of his show records.

January 1st 1998
Overall tot western rider for day
Reserve Champion tot english

Febuary 14th 1998 thru March 12th 1998
Reserve Champion Begginer Games

April 18th 1998
6th place junior flags (out of 36)
6th place junior barrels(out of 52)
7th place junior hairpin(out of 42)                    
15th place aged gledings(out of 36)

October 15th 1998 thru March 17th 1999
Reserve Champion Junior Games

October 9th 199 thru March 13th 2000
Reserve champion junior games

November 12th 2000                         
1st place walk/trot poles on ground
5th place walk/trot equitation on the flat